The view from bar-do’i srid-pa

When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t intending to write anything this year to commemorate your death. I had thought that I had finally said everything that needed to be said last year. But I find that perhaps I do have something else to say, or rather, to ask: can you help me find the way out from this intermediate state? Can you help me pry open my eyes, to look away from light and shadow alike?


i have been privileged to see and feel so many things
but the most dangerous act would be to interpret them
suspend the mind, levitate my judgement
let experience waft over me like curtains of Tibetan prayer flags
i am gently ushered into the inner sanctum
and buried upon the peaks of the Tien Shan

there is an important distinction between happiness and felicity
– place|state outward|inward existence|essence –
yet i do not understand their dance, their dialectic
even mountains have roots

but Plato cannot be correct, nor can Hegel
there is intimacy, yet not quite sublation
then a finger presses against my lips:
hush, listen to the geological whisper
the song sung in hints

ancient lamas beat their drums and chant
tantric in the rhythm of erosion
and amidst them i find an I
a shard of mind puzzling over patterns in a chunk of quartz

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2 thoughts on “The view from bar-do’i srid-pa

  1. People say everything works out in the end, I think there’s some truth in this folksy wisdom. In the mean while I’m available to meet up in Leuven if you need a sympathetic ear.

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