World Press Freedom Day

wfp_dayToday is World Press Freedom Day, an annual day of advocacy for the freedom of the press, as well as commemoration for journalists who are suffering restriction and imprisonment, or have made the ultimate sacrifice, for the sake of the free flow of information.  “As they investigate sensitive issues, unveil disturbing truths and question policies, journalists find themselves in the firing line of those directly or indirectly exposed by their reports,” writes the World Association of Newspapers.

In the lead-up to the event, four members of Reporters Sans Frontiers have have been on a hunger strike since this past Tuesday in support of Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi, who has been sentenced to eight years in prison in Iran on a charge of spying for the United States.  The day before, in Paris, the RSF also staged an event for the two Asian-American journalists currently being held by the North Koran government. “The detention of Saberi, Lee and Ling on arbitrary charges demonstrates more than ever the importance of World Press Freedom Day,” writes the RSF.

Obviously, if journalists from the world’s leading power aren’t safe, then imagine the insecurity faced by journalists and their support staff throughout the world.  For example, according to a source who wishes to remain anonymous, Radio Free Europe’s Afghanistan service, Radio Azadi, routinely receives threats from the Taliban.  Last year, two of its reporters were kidnapped by the insurgent group, but were later freed.  As of this past Wednesday, group has threatened a suicide bombing against Radio Azadi’s main bureau in Kabul.

Freedom of the press saves lives. “Azadi has a real impact in the country,” the source writes in an e-mail  “A would-be suicide bomber once called them and said, ‘Thanks to your programs, I have decided not to explode myself.’  Can you imagine?”

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2 Replies to “World Press Freedom Day”

  1. As such Press freedom means reporting news without any hitch or problems. Also the communication line has to be clear so that the information can be passed on to people to keep them updated on any given situation either negative or positive so as to help them.

    Suppressing press freedom means putting a piece of cloth into the mouth and making the reporters to swallow it, whereby the issue itself would have become dormant, but it may resurface at anytime.

    Also people working in the press should have a mindset as of the Judge in the Court who give the ultimate sentence. But this point is missed at every moment and everywhere, whereby the vent of anger is given a rise and wrong messages are passed on to the people, more than giving any solutions for the problems faced.

    For eg, let us take the case of the H5N1 virus strain and the H1N1 virus strain, both these virus strains are one and the same. It can be detected when there is “more mist” in the air, which carries lots of active bacterias that arise from filthy surroundings, dust bins, dead animals and their parts which are thrown out in the open area.

    It is the reporters who have identify the wrong-doers to the community so that they are not given any chance to commit the same blunders and scandals.

    The solution for this is to educate the people to keep their surroundings clean and tidy and also to educate people to become more of a vegetarian than a non-vegetarian.

    This is what that which is called as reporting a worth, but this is not done so far. The reporters forget things easily about what solution has to be provided, but comment in a more inappropriate way.

    The reporters very much comment on certain people who are in the government and the government agencies about their insufficiency.

    Reporting a particular news to the people means, take the matter directly to the public and enable them to have a clear understanding of the situation and the solution needed for that. This very much looks so simple, as much as a very simple issue reported in a caring manner.

  2. Also the reporters should bear in mind that commenting about one’s insufficiency means then there is not much scope about reporting to the public and world as a whole.

    The reporters should be like people who should act in a more impartial way much better than anything. They should act as
    a. Reporters and
    b. Mentors
    c. Carriers of ideas that benefit the humanity.

    Bearing this all of which suits the reporters, the reporting community should understand that the strengthening of the humanity and its prospects is with them.

    As far as I am concerned, in my life i have seen things like death, destruction, devastation and disaster more then joy. For instance, I very much visited the areas in southern coastal area of Tamilnadu in India, when the Tsunami waves struck on the fateful month of December. There what I had seen was much of a destruction of people’s lives and that too many families have lost their children and spouses and many children have been orphaned having to lose their families. This was such a big turmoil which made me to have my emotions uncontrollable.

    This incident very much made me go into convulsions and even sleepless nights, but it was only momentary. The next ideation which clicked up in me was to think about how to help people there and how we the citizens of India could help the people of southern coastal area of Tamilnadu. Very much I collected some of my friends to help the people in need by way of providing the basic amenities like food, water and clothes in order to improve their daily life.

    With the help of certain social groups, now the lives of the people are better, but the nightmare has not still gone for those children, still they are trying to cope up with the situation, by way of taking the precautionary measures and how to protect the people when such calamities take to an occurrence.

    At least from now on people of the world could understand how reporting helps in their daily life without any forbearance.


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