Schwartz the swami

I try to stretch often.  In the past,  it was my habit to do full body stretches every morning, but that hasn’t been happening all that frequently lately.  Fortunately, my muscles remain quite limber.  This pose is good for parts of the underside of the thigh and, of course, the butt; it works better when I have a rail to rest my leg upon.

I worry that I’m risking health problems when I’m older, perhaps from hypermobility, but I just can’t stop, nor do I want to.  I really enjoy the feeling of a deep stretch.  Like a deep, digging massage, it doesn’t really register as pain with me, and when the stretch is done, I always feel more at ease and at home in my body.

Thanks to Gabriela for the photos; that’s her rooftop in Leuven.  Oh, besides having history’s veiniest arms, that’s a favorite shirt of mine.  It’s one of the few short-sleeved shirts I own that actually looks half-way decent on me.


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