Quantum religion

I have previously reflected upon the possible deep ontological resonance between science and religion.  First, a remark: the idea that arbitrariness or order are just interpretations already belies the supposed neutrality of science regarding values, much less religion’s suppose responsibility to leave science alone in its own domain.  And second: if we accept this, then what to do about the content of science and religion?  Ah, this is a very difficult question.

One friend, call him Spinoza, says that the spiritual and material are but two sides of the same substance; another friend, call him Descartes, says that the two are cleaved apart — the everlasting alongside the contingent.  The first says to the second: you forget that the spiritual is also created, and so, however different it may be from the material, it must necessarily be just another dimension of the given cosmos.  To this the second replies: perhaps you’re correct, but then you risk rendering quantifiable the unquantifiable.

These are very important distinctions to make theologically and conceptually, especially if we are determined to avoid the heresy of Intelligent Design.  If we search too hard for fingerprints of the craftsman, we risk not only doing injustice to the activity of science, but to the activity of religion as well.  Indeed, a question the Intelligent Design movement is afraid to countenance is whether ultimately religion must speak of an impossible kingdom beyond the horizon of evidence, lest it cease being about faith and become an ideology no better than Material Dialecticism.

For now, I tentatively propose: it is not enough to speak of only final and efficient causes, for Aristotle spoke of four, not only two, namely the material and formal causes.  Along these lines I wonder, as I have elsewhere, whether at the level of quantum mechanics we might be seeing hylomorphism at work — but I stress this is only a wild wondering, a conjecture that might smack of New Age syncretism to the properly religious and Medieval gibberish to the properly scientific.

Yet, one cannot deny the attraction of this “quantum religion”, for if we do cleave apart the spiritual and the material too strongly, we render them incomprehensible to each other.  The real task is not to stop at this notion and pat myself on the back for a job well done, for I have accomplished nothing.  I must recognize that I am in dark and dangerous territory, in the murky space between Hades and Terra.  Is there a Virgil for me?


8 Replies to “Quantum religion”

  1. either people believe there is current or people believe there is no current knowing the current is religion. knowing the use of current is science believing and not believing both are philosophies. science is the microscopic vision for atom religion is the unified vision for at “om”; religion and science are two ends of one chain. religion in short is like sea where: all the rivers of different philosophies could merge to have a same level. All the religion which exists in the name of religion are philosophies, natural love which exists without name is religion.

    1. Hi Ram! Thank you for this lovely remark, as well as those below. You give a suitably hyperbolic description of what I’m trying to figure out philosophically — a nice complement (and compliment).

  2. I think one of the most fundamental questions to be addressed has beeen faised here. Science and religion. equates to quantifiably to qualifiable. But to comprehend… fully what all of this means necessitate one to step outside our own egoistic centrality. Then one realises we are here as such a minute being in a vast universe we become a sarteian No_thing. In Space, temporality, science and even religion. If gos even in all her power manages to recognise us me amongst to humungios crowd of his creations, one still has to consider he has not promised any immortality and inspite of our causal nexus we are still totally alone in our own mortality and temporality. And so I believe we must returm from that stand back-edness and realise our purposeis simply loving thy neighbour without qualification nor quantification. Measurements beyond to scope of measuring the human condition

    1. Hi Brendan! Indeed, the risk of “quantum religion” is that it might try, as it were, to make a measure of that fundamental ethical law, Love Thy Neighbor. To paraphrase both yourself and Desmond, agapeic service must be beyond measure.

  3. in certain parts of earth many holy people, the people with love like budha,christ, mahavira, mohammed, krishna and many thousand others
    with the passage of time, who could know themselves, tried to give a light which anybody could use in darkness to find the switch. and if the switch could be found and light comes into one’s life, you will know the current is there.

    since the light given by these holy people could bring light in darkness, people started following them. these holy people and their close associates kept giving light to people for simple love only. all the philosophies after these holy people were made to benefit the common man to make the life beautiful and to communicate different findings of nature (science). the medium of philosophy was used for looking to that particular time, country, people, geographical conditions and
    the situations existing in those particular areas.

  4. we will know god through modern science but we must test the nectar of the precepts and the wisdom of the sages and saints who explored the non-attributive. we may compare the modern scientific findings in the light of the wisdom of saints and may be amazed to similarities in both the findings. For example:

    we could only came to know atom as neutron, proton, and electron, and their properties, in the last century, but thousands of years before this fact was expressed through mythological wisdom stories like in hindu philosophy: VISHNU as neutron, BRAHMAN as proton, and SHIVA as electron. and all together they govern the cosmos.

    on another note: VISHNU= dreaming while floating on water (neutral). many time people ask why dreams are visual. the reason is because everybody can understand this cosmic language. and many times people ask which language god understands. put that question into the search engine of cosmic intelligence and click your mouse — here’s the answer: “since all languages comes out of silence, anyone can communicate with me in any language or in silence.”

    many times people ask why do we need mythological and wisdom stories? again VISHNU= visual information and systems = new human understanding. birth is like the start of the film, death is like end of the film, life is like watching the film to know your role, “a cosmic dream work productions”. film is neither real nor false; know your words and the world of the present film; there is no dialogue from past or future films. enjoy the film…

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