Burning the Qur’an is un-Christian and wantonly destructive

Somehow, until now, I missed the news of Terry Jones‘ intention to burn the Qur’an on the anniversary of the 11 September attacks. I’m not certain whether this is a misguided pursuit of publicity or a misguided act of fanaticism, but I am certain that it is the antithesis of Christianity and thoroughly, wantonly destructive.

Spiritually-speaking, burning the Qur’an is gross sacrilege to Holy Writ and a gross offense against humanity. Practically-speaking, it can only serve to incite the rage of other fanatics and invite more violence upon the world.

I am speechless in the face of such hatred. Hence, I shall let Abdu’l-Baha speak for me. In his Tablet to the Hague, he writes, “And among the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh is that religion must be the cause of fellowship and love. If it becomes the cause of estrangement then it is not needed, for religion is like a remedy; if it aggravates the disease then it becomes unnecessary.”

As a member of the Baha’i Faith, I add my voice to the global condemnation of this decision and implore Jones not to make a mockery of his faith and of faith in general! And if Jones will not hear us, then I pray law enforcement authorities in the United States will stop him before he can do untold damage.


4 Replies to “Burning the Qur’an is un-Christian and wantonly destructive”

  1. Jones is basing his right to do this on that most basic right here in the USA: Freedom of speech. Of course along with that freedom we also have the right to be totally wrong about something. The group so determined to build an Islamic center and Mosque two blocks from ground zero has sparked most of the recent anger in people like Jones. This Islamic group has a a lousy sense of timing. This spring a Muslim put a bomb in Time Square. It didn’t go off because he substituted some ingredients and they didn’t work but he certainly intended it to blow up. Had it gone off a lot of people would have died. This, along with the current trials of four Muslims who, two years ago, attempted to blow up a Temple in Riverdale and some Air Force Reserve planes at Stewart Airbase and the Muslim Doctor who shot up an army base down south last year make this a really stupid time to be doing something like that Mosque near Ground Zero. This a time to keep a low profile not shove it in people’s faces. … That can make some people furious … and because they are furious they stop thinking clearly and often, as with Jones, misdirect their anger.
    On September 11, 2001 we were attacked by people who, in our society, we would have labelled loosers, screw-ups and otherwise totall nut jobs, if Al Queda hadn’t loudly grabbed the bragging rights.
    Perhaps its not just about American not understanding the Moslem world. Perhaps the Moslem world doesn’t get it either.

  2. I heard that a man built a home where a murder once occurred that was committed by another man. Doesn’t he know that only women can build houses in that neighborhood? Those men should keep a low profile because if the family of the murder victim ever see a man again, they will be traumatized.

    1. Nice try but … how would a 12 to 15 story Christian Center and Church look built over the ruins of a neghborhood that US Soldiers had bombed out of existance? It wasn’t all Christians who did it so other Christians should be able to build their nice big Christian Center and Church there, right? ( Remeber that, when we talk about the Ground Zero Mosque we really are talking about a an Isamic Center 12 to 15 stories tall and more three quarters of a block long. )
      Let’s get real, would Jones be doing his clueless Koran burning if some people had not decided to build the Ground Zero Mosque right now?
      Yes you have the right to build it … but cooler heads would tell you to that stepping back for a while would be the smarter move. That is unless your point is to provoke the kind of anger and retaliation that is going on in the US even as I write this. If that is the real point then you’ll get no sympathy from the resonable Americans who would otherwise be on your side.

  3. Disrespecting the Qur’an in any way is very wrong. However, the greatest disrepect to the Qur’an is made by disrespecting its teachings. Anyone who causes violence in protest to a Qur’an burning, is really disrespecting the Qur’an, because the Qur’an does NOT condone such violence and disorderly behaviour. Rather, the Qur’an teaches that one should obey governments and act in a peaceful and orderly manner.

    Interestingly though, Muslims consider burning the Qur’an a respectful way of disposing of it. The Wikipedia article on the Qur’an writes: “Worn out, torn, or errant (for example, pages out of order) Qur’ans are not discarded as wastepaper, but rather are left free to flow in a river, kept somewhere safe, burned, or buried in a remote location”

    Muslims were, in fact, the first to burn the Qur’an. The Caliph Uthman ordered all non-standard versions of the Qur’an to be burnt. This has, therefore, been considered a respectful way of disposing of copies of the Qur’an for centuries. The disrespect shown by anti-Islamic protestors who burn the Qur’an is actually in their intention, not their act. Burning the Qur’an itself is a respectful act.

    Again, the greatest disrespect to the Qur’an is done by those who disrespect its teachings by commiting acts of violence in the name of Islam. That is not the way to become muslim-an li-llah (in submission to God). Rather, it is the greatest infidelity.


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