Permit me to be a Virgil to your Dante


I have been blogging for several years. If you are feeling anxious to get started, you can just click here to read the raw torrent of reflection (some — if I may say so — quite good, some quite bad); otherwise, permit me to provide a little Virgil to your Dante.

There are many posts herein that are password-protected. I have done this in order to limit their readership to loved ones and close colleagues. It is a paradoxical thing to publish private content in a public space and then try to fence it off, isn’t it?

Among the public content, you will find work on mass surveillance and its discontents (including everyone’s favorite contemporary Frankenstein monster, Wikileaks); philosophy of journalism; and trans-/post-humanism and the dialectic of science and religion. There’s a lot in here about spirituality (for example), especially since I joined the Bahá’í Faith in 2009, not to mention other strange, malformed gems buried away and waiting for a diligent miner to discover them.

Of course, I am an evolving, maturing human being, so not everything you will find I still agree with today. Oh, and some of it is embarrassingly adolescent dribble, written as recently as 31 years old.

Being as I am a journalist by original profession (since I was 15!), I enjoy running opinion polls. This blog’s oldest poll concerns possible candidates for “Religions of the Future“. Please contribute!

Inevitably some posts really tickle the narcissist in me. Permit me to draw your attention to them:

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